Ask our clients

Given what we do, client confidentiality is Berkeley's paramount concern. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our work or would like to request confidential references about our work.

Every Berkeley client is a satisfied one.

In all my interactions with [Berkeley], I have found them to be committed, pragmatic, patient and scrupulous
Overall, our experience with both [the product] and Berkeley has been extremely positive, and I have no problems with recommending either the product or Berkeley to any of your prospective clients.
From an end-user’s perspective I have never had an IT project run as smoothly as this one did and most importantly - DELIVER - what we as the client wanted
I believe that the success that [the system] has become is in no small part due to the efforts of Berkeley.
Our challenge is to respond to an operational environment characterised by increasing violence and ambiguity. As a result, we are required to maintain leading edge capability with our information management systems in this increasingly ambiguous and uncertain environment. As we select people who thrive in this environment, we needed to partner with an organisation who could understand and fit into this culture well. Our need to deliberately and systematically prepare for missions without precedent, and to be ready to deal with problems that no one ever expected to eventuate, mean that productive change and innovation is a constant. Berkeley rise to this challenge well. They continue to meet our needs for excellence in information management and systems support to help us achieve our operational outcomes.