The relationship between Berkeley and Defence reached new heights this week with the partnership reaching the 20 year mark. Across a myriad of contracts covering systems integration, application development, integrated logistics support, information management and enterprise search, Berkeley has driven Defence’s evolution in the information space.

Berkeley is currently entering the 11th year supporting one of these specialist systems, a capability that provides dedicated operational tools for a discrete military force. This project commenced in the late 2000s when Berkeley staff volunteered to provide support services to a capability badly in need of support, but with no mechanism or resources available.

Berkeley’s willingness to take on a role, initially at no cost, and deliver what is required even if it’s not ‘in the contract’ is what sets it apart from so many of it’s contemporaries. It’s most likely one of the reasons why Defence continues to engage Berkeley to deliver critical services and solutions along a road that is already two decades long.

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