In a major milestone, the Australian Defence Innovation Hub launched in December last year by the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne, announced the first Defence Innovation Hub investments.  Berkeley was amongst the first three recipients to be selected for its Enterprise Security Services Platform (ESSP) innovation. With over 200 industry organisations, from SMEs to the likes of Microsoft and other high-profile organisations submitting their innovation solutions, Berkeley’s ESSP innovation was awarded a contract to protect documents used on Defence information and communication systems to assist in negating unintentional data breaches as well as malicious insider attacks.

Minister Pyne’s announcement of the federal government’s priorities for the Defence Innovation Hub investment incorporates the Government’s resolve for “Defence exports that will position Australian companies as players on the global stage, driving competitiveness, which ultimately places industry in a stronger position and gives Australian taxpayers better value for money in Defence procurement”.  Defence industry’s focus on cyber security and other key enablers heralds a new era of partnership and collaboration between Defence and Australian industry, according to Minister Pyne, with $640 million set to be spent on supporting the development of innovative technologies through the new Defence Innovation Hub.

Berkeley’s Enterprise Security Services Platform (ESSP) enhances information management capability,  to facilitate an all-encompassing solution for the classification and appropriate dissemination of information.  ESSP enhances an organization’s ability to increase the efficiency and security of collaboration, whilst protecting sensitive intellectual property and enabling regulatory requirements to be met.  Whether you are looking to protect your company IP, your customer information, employee information or simply deciding what information needs to remain internal to your organisation as opposed to being made publicly available, Berkeley’s ESSP solution can assist you.

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