As leaders in Defence and Enterprise Information Protection, Berkeley will be again exhibiting at MilCIS.

Berkeley will be providing two presentations this year including a lunchtime presentation. Please note that seats are limited for this presentation and that lunch is served at no cost to delegates.

Operational Information Management

security, data fusion, interoperability & future trends

Lunchtime Presentation

12:30pm, Wednesday, 9th of November

Berkeley will discuss some of the latest emerging trends in best practice Operational Information Management, with specific reference to the often unique needs of Defence. They will note some of the key challenges in adapting and securing various solutions to enable them to comply with AGSCS and ISM requirements, and note emerging trends that we are seeing both in Defence and broader Government information security practice both in Australia and overseas. They will also provide some key checks that you can make of your information management solution to determine its fitness for purpose.

C2 Solutions for the Warfighter

Latest capabilities in Enterprise Information Management

Product Brief

1:30pm, Wednesday, 9th of November

Having delivered Secure Multi Level - X Domain solutions in the Australian Defence Organisation since 2011, Berkeley will update attendees on some major new capabilities which have recently been introduced on Defence networks to enable an integrated, properly secured delivery of information across dissimilarly classified networks with complete data security.

Berkeley will demonstrate with reference to recent operations and major activities how innovative new approaches have allowed information held in multiple environments, including Nexus, SharePoint, Objective, Mercury and specialist Intelligence applications to be delivered to stakeholders in an integrated view. These new solutions are able to operate over degraded networks, providing reliable and effective solutions for the Warfighter.