Berkeley is exhibiting at Security in Government 2015 from 31 Aug – 02 Sep 2015. The convention is located at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia

Come visit us and ask about our Products:

  • Enterprise Security Services Platform for SharePoint – Military grade security for SharePoint
  • Nexus – a data fusion / information aggregation and dissemination platform with military grade security.
  • SharePoint to Objective connector – An automated records management solution.
  • Cross Domain Replication Data-bank – Berkeley developed solution for moving data between networks of different classifications

Ask about our Services:

  • Information security health-check
  • Information management for government and large organisations
  • Security cleared staff to provide managed services / software as a service
  • Secure enterprise search deployments
  • Custom application development / COTS customisations

If you’d like a complimentary pass to visit us please contact us.