Berkeley’s Secure Enterprise Search Generation 2 solution has recently been rolled into full production allowing for a comprehensive search of classified information held by the Australian Department of Defence. Berkeley worked collaboratively with market leading Lexmark Perceptive Enterprise Search to ensure that the high level of security applied within the Nexus product was respected when returning search results, facets and when conducting entity extraction for each user. The solution extends Nexus’ premium information fusion and security protection which balances the need to know vs the need to share and prevents staff from seeing content that isn’t releasable to them.

The enterprise search solution has substantial capabilities ranging from automatic notifications about new content matching particular criteria through to the ability to save historic “snapshots” of searches for future reference. This combined with the ingestion into Nexus of over 60,000 content objects a month from a wide array of sources means that Nexus continues to provide the “Single Information Environment” for the Department of Defence.

This capability is a first for the Australian Department of Defence in their secure web environment and is a continuation of Berkeley working with some of the world’s leading companies to produce secure information management solutions.

For further information please contact Berkeley.