The Problem

How to remove information stovepipes and facilitate vital information sharing between operational and intelligence communities, while ensuring against any inadvertent release of sensitive data,

with bi-direction replication of data across multiple, dissimilarly classified networks?
with content from multiple owners rolling up into a single view?
with a comprehensive audit trail showing ALL access to any given content item?
without incurring major administrative overhead?
The Solution: "Nexus" Secure Information Management, built on Proteus

Nexus, the Australian Defence implementation of Proteus, has been developed by Berkeley specifically for the secure information management requirements of government, military and security agencies. Rolled out at the Australian Department of Defence, its core competencies provided a strong platform for delivering a similar and linked capability in the deployed environment:

  • information security
  • fusion
  • interoperability
  • fine-grained information replication
  • lightweight hardware requirements, and
  • proven history supporting the domestic operational and intelligence communities

The Berkeley team assisted various groups in Defence to create their own sites for hosting content. Each group customised the look and feel to suit their environment and users, while all content maintained its integrity and was able to be shared easily, seamlessly and securely. The content in these sites could then be shared with other stakeholders and be pushed to other sites, enabling the creation of all-source pages that presented content from many sources in a single view.

The provision of secure, persistent "chat" for collaboration provided a platform for secure mission-critical chat to be conducted over often-tenuous networks in theatre.


The result of this investment is a system capable of delivering a Single Information Environment (SIE) across all of the Australian Department of Defence’s strategic and deployed environments, including with its coalition partners.

The use of flexible, unified metadata across Defence groups has enabled the implementation of standardised workflows and consolidated reporting. These aggregated views of data have been instrumental in facilitating increased situational awareness.

Secure persistent chat has been an essential resource in a variety of operations.

The Nexus soluton is now in operation on multiple networks, delivering capability to both deployed and strategic personnel, and is integrated with a number of existing Defence applications. This Single Information Environment reduces duplication of effort and delivers significant information capabilities whilst removing the reliance on other stove-piped systems.

Ongoing Support

The Nexus solution has been implemented with an embedded and holistic support model utilising a single support organisation to provide application evolution and sustainment, quality assurance, system implementation, systems administration, training coordination, secure information management and day-to-day support . This has proven to be highly effective, resulting in a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) for the Commonwealth. This low TCO, coupled with the flexibility and capacity of the system to be used across all areas of Defence, provides excellent value for money.

Interested in finding out more?

If you are interested in finding out how Proteus may be able to assist your business with its secure information management needs, then please contact the Berkeley team who will be delighted to assist with your query.

Key Facts

Some key statistics for the Nexus program in the Australian Defence Organisation:

• operational since 2009
• approximately 30,000 users
• used by more than 100 discrete groups
• operating across multiple domains
• secure, bi-directional data replication