SHAREPOINT Data classification AND attribute based access control of sensitive content.

With an active defence to the Trusted Insider threat



Mandatory data Classification of all content

Require information owners to classify all SharePoint content. Limit the visibility of individual documents, calendar appointments, announcements and other types of content. All content is presented with a visible "Security Tag"

Prevent Administrators seeing sensitive content

Usually site collection administrators can see all content regardless of permissions. Not anymore. Site collection administrators can't access content unless they log in with a normal user account.

Hierarchical Security

We've revolutionised SharePoint security by introducing hierarchical security that maps to your organisation structure. This allows for content owners to limit the visibility of content to areas of the organisation.


Item Level Security

Our patented subtractive claims technology will stop users seeing content based on multiple user attributes such as nationality, organisation, organisational group, clearance level etc. Gone are the days of creating thousands of document libraries / sites due to security concerns. ESSP even works with Enterprise Search applications such as FAST and Lexmark Perceptive Search.

Group membership expiry

Set an expiry date on a user's group membership to make administration easy and ensure staff don't keep access to sensitive content when they move around an organisation.

Content is owned by business units

Content is no longer owned by a user. When adding content the user selects an organisational group against which they have "Add Content" permissions. This ensures as staff come and go, documents don't become orphaned and new staff gain access automatically.


So Easy To Use

Little or no training required. An intuitive, familiar user interface gives individual work group leaders a single view to efficiently take personal control of user and group permissions defining who sees, edits and shares sensitive data.

Free up IT Admin Resources

Delegate group permission management to the business unit. Lighten the load on IT personnel so they can refocus on more technical tasks instead of wasting valuable time on mundane and repetitive information security and access management processes.

No Lone Zone and Access Expiry

Lock down highly sensitive data by ensuring it can only be accessed when a second authorised user authenticates and only for a defined period of time.


Robust and Scalable

Engineered from the ground up to overcome the high security, scale and complexity challenges of strategic and operational Defence networks. More than capable of meeting all public and private sector information security management needs.

Proactive Defence against Leaked Information

It shouldn’t just be about plugging leaks after they occur and efficiently mopping up the damage. Real time monitoring and validation of security including automated alerts to information owners of inappropriate access stops the loss or damage caused by breaches before they happen.

Improve Information Security Governance

Allows organisations to fulfil their obligations and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and/or commercial imperatives for data security management. Integrates with your governance framework out-of-the-box.


Empower the information owner

All data posters are automatically prompted to classify information and define user and group permission boundaries designating who can see, edit and share data via mandatory security metadata.

Comprehensive Security Out-of-the-Box

Go Live straight away. No need for expensive, time consuming rules based configuration that becomes a nightmare to manage. Delivering comprehensive information security peace-of-mind.

Collaborate with other companies / countries

Governments: Ensure foreign nationals only see content releasable to their country

Companies: Ensure "Internal-Use-Only" material cannot be seen by external users


Backed by Unrivaled Data Security Experts

Berkeley boasts 16 years of experience with the Defence community keeping the world’s most sensitive shared data available to all those who need it yet safe and secure from those who are not meant to see it.