Berkeley brings a specific focus on Secure Information Management to the SharePoint space. Our Enterprise Security Services Platform for SharePoint (ESSP) can dovetail into and facilitate sharing in confidence, with confidence.

ESSP simplifies information management by adding data classification and enforcement to your SharePoint content. Store sensitive and non-sensitive content in the same location. Capabilities include:

  • SharePoint Data Classification and metadata security
  • Integrated with E-mail, document and Windows explorer security
  • User Attribute Based Access Control
  • Simplified permissions management for non-IT staff
  • Active Insider Threat Protection

Enforce your information security policy in SharePoint today with an ESSP enabled SharePoint installation. 


Secure SharePoint: Enterprise Security Services Platform

ESSP is the Security Enabler, allowing you to implement an enterprise security platform for SharePoint, providing seamless secure transition of information between Microsoft SharePoint, Email and your file system.

  • It is the foundation stone upon which any secure SharePoint solution can be based
  • Enforces your organisations data classification scheme
  • Integrates with E-Mail, Office Document and Windows Explorer security.
  • Introduces Attribute Based Access Control to SharePoint
  • Allows delegation of permissions management to the business unit
  • It provides security-trimmed, enterprise search capabilities
  • It enables organisations to combine the usability and features of SharePoint with the strict security requirements of organisations such as  Defence, Intelligence, Security and Policing

BERKELEY CAN securE and tailor SharePoint to your requirements

Berkeley has significant SharePoint experience and capability, and particular expertise in securing information collections held in SharePoint. We are able to assist with:

  • Improving the ability of SharePoint to securely manage the transition of information between networks with different security levels
  • SharePoint installation management and deployment capabilities
  • Tailoring SharePoint to best match your organisation's workflow, policies and procedures

Berkeley are global leaders in enterprise information protection and ensuring you can collaborate "In Confidence, With Confidence". Whether you're planning a new SharePoint deployment or having difficulties with a current deployment, Berkeley can help you.

Whatever your SharePoint requirements, our expert team can assist in finding the ideal solution.