Proteus is designed to solve a fundamental information management issue. That is, to make it easier to access and share information between applications, dissimilarly classified networks, strategic and deployed systems, government departments and coalition partners.

Proteus is a secure web-based system providing high flexibility including:

  • collaboration & content management
  • secure federated enterprise search
  • cross domain replication
  • operations & intelligence logs
  • workflow & task management

Proteus delivers a secure single information environment between government agencies, strategic and deployed domains, networks of differing classifications and between coalitions.

Proteus is now in operation across Protected, Secret and Top Secret networks in Australia, Asia, North America and the Middle East (including on deployed military operations) and is integrated with a number of existing Defence applications.


Proteus Capabilities

Proteus is equipped with a suite of key features to enhance information management capabilities, including:

  • collaboration via chat, wikis, blogs, information push and pull and semantic linking
  • content management via information creation or upload of files, integration and interoperation with external repositories including Objective, Mercury Messaging, Email and Microsoft Active Directory, and search based information discovery and categorisation
  • federated enterprise search via integration with existing search platforms including Microsoft Index Server, Google Search Appliance and Perceptive (formally ISYS) Enterprise Server, enabling search and discovery across various platforms including internal Nexus content, Lotus Notes databases, group drives and Microsoft SharePoint
  • information categorisation, logging, reporting, RFI, workflow, tasking, management and delivery via flexible, customisable and enforceable metadata capture, interaction and presentation
  • intuitive user interaction through consistent and simple user interfaces, WYSIWYG workspace editors, pervasive version control, flexible and enforceable visual style controls and comprehensive input validation

Scalable for the Enterprise

A key issue for organisations in this space is ensuring that performance and capability is not impaired by the scale of implementation. Proteus has been designed from the outset with scalability in mind:

  • supports implementation across multiple servers, domains, and networks
  • intelligent information replication across security boundaries and strategic and deployed environments through real-time or air-gap methods, including replication triggering based on information ownership, metadata category or individual item, and multi-channel replication metering to support low and very low bandwidth constraints
  • automated replication of content AND security model ensures access rights are updated immediately to all nodes

Information Security

Proteus is compliant with all relevant Defence, Government and Enterprise standards

  • information security via comprehensive, accredited and configurable security rules, complete audit coverage and inline delivery, tailored and delegated permissions management and cross-domain identity awareness
  • information delivery, management and records keeping compliance including assistance with compliance with the Archive Act, Evidence Act and Australian and International Standards for Records Management (AS ISO 15489)



Nexus in the Australian Defence Force

The Nexus program is an implementation of Proteus now in operation on multiple networks, delivering capability to both deployed and strategic personnel. It is integrated with a number of existing Defence applications, reducing duplication, delivering significant information capabilities while removing the reliance on other stove-piped systems.


Interested in finding out more?

If you are interested in finding out how Proteus may be able to assist your business with its secure information management needs, then please contact the Berkeley team who will be delighted to assist with your query.